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He who learns but does not think, is lost! He who thinks but does not learn is in great danger.                                                                                          -Confucious

Everywhen: The Archimedes Tubes


In 2013 I worked on creating a story from the "Everywhen" Universe for an independent videogame. I penned a script for the game while my brother Steven Fenczik of handled all of the art design and many of the character and environment models for the game.

Handling all of the programing and putting everything together into a playable game was Bryce Patterson.

The screen shots are all taken from the Start Menu and first level (of a planned 5) Every level followed a specific theme with ties to a unique moment in history.

In the opening Level our hero Gordon Banting finds himself waking up on the edge of a frozen cliff high atop the peaks of the Himalayas. Beside him is a mysterious object. Yeti's, fire demons and Tibetain gods are just the beginning as Gordon solves the enigma of the Archimedes Tubes.


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