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He who learns but does not think, is lost! He who thinks but does not learn is in great danger.                                                                                          -Confucious

New Spec Designs

rear version 2.png

Over the weekend I created a few spec designs for a book cover.

The two "traditional" designs, I wanted to retain the kind of look popular in book covers for most major publishers. I wanted these "standard" designs to distinguish themselves with a very arresting central image that purposefully pulled your eyes away from the "title" and in the case of the "Black Pearl" design, purposely hide the title in the shadows with darker font. Ideally this gives the image a more "uneasy" feel and also creates a scenerio where the viewer has to actually pause and consider what they are seeing rather than simply "scan" over it. The "White Pearl" design was more of an experiment to see how the "tone" might change by essentially reversing the colors and adding more contextual/ coherent images around the borders. Lastly, for the "Pirate" design, I wanted to create an interesting piece of original art that hopefully inspires not only curiosity for the viewer as to the subject matter, but also contained a unique story in itself. I hope you enjoy them.


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